Refund Policy

Triniti Immigration will not, under any circumstances, issue refunds for early service withdrawal.

  1. The refund percentages indicated are for the full-service fee paid and not just for the amount paid. Refund percentages shall only be available in the full product or service fee is paid without any reserve. Applicants would not be qualified for the refund percentage even if they fall within one of the clauses mentioned above or had failed to pay the full-service fee mentioned.
  2. Often the immigration pronouncements are discounted based on future expectations, and customers are pre-registered, i.e., before the actual qualification / s is released to ensure the cap system is met. It is pre-agreed that the Client acknowledges this and is prepared to do so by the time the immigration authorities notify them, to eliminate the last-minute rush and get ready as per all requirements. If the Client's profile is not qualified after the announcement, the Client may choose to transfer to other options.
  3. Triniti Immigration has a strong zero-tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer disputing a payment by credit card that is found to be valid will be permanently blacklisted and barred from using the services. All past due fees and costs will be sent to collections. If our collection efforts fail, an unpaid fee will be noted to all applicable credit reporting agencies.
  4. The Customer understands and agrees that the total amount of the invoice (bill value) will include the Consultation fee for Triniti Immigration and the applicable tax. The refund would, however, only be calculated on the Consultation fee for Triniti Immigration. The tax component shall, at any stage, be non-refundable.
  5. In case of a refusal by the Immigration and Visa Authority, Triniti Immigration will refund the amount applicable, as mentioned in the Agreement signed by the Client. The refund will be made within 30 business days of the Client submitting Triniti Immigration's Refund Claim Form. To validate the Refund Claim, the Client should include a copy of the Authority's letter of refusal. If a client refuses to include a copy of the letter of refusal or the stamp of refusal on the Customer's passport, Triniti Immigration will not refund the amount of refund applicable. The Client must also include the request for a refund form, a copy of his / her payment receipt made to Triniti Immigration. If these forms are not included, the Client will not be qualified for the refund.
  6. Triniti Immigration shall not be liable for any delay caused by third party services such as Courier Services, etc. Clients are also cannot claim a refund for service charges.
  7. Triniti Immigration shall not be liable for the refund of any fees or other payments/charges paid to any Assessing Authority, Immigration Department, Embassy / Consulate / High Commission in the event that the Applicant fails to obtain a visa, or in the event that his / her application is refused or not approved at any point by any of the respective Authority. Registration/processing fees only include fees for services provided by Triniti Immigration and do not include application or evaluation fees. The Client agrees to pay the entire additional fees during the processing, if necessary.
  8. If the Client has paid the money via an online card service, the Client hereby accepts that, in the event of payment by any form, he/she will not withdraw or is not allowed to chargeback the amount without Triniti Immigration's knowledge. It involves other payment gateway flatforms, except otherwise following the norms of refund standards mentioned in the Agreement and the protocol established by the law existing at that time under the jurisdiction of Bangalore, Karnataka State.
  9. If the Applicant has paid the money by means of a Credit Card or Net Banking, the Applicant voluntarily undertakes not to dispute the payment or to notify the designated bank for reimbursement, insisting that the Applicant withhold or cancel the payment made to Triniti Immigration. The Applicant further undertakes to notify his banker that Triniti Immigration's payment is authentic and that the transaction was an exception to his request to cancel or pay back the payment in his favour. It covers incidents of misuse and loss cases either by himself or by someone else. In this respect, the Applicant decides to work with Triniti Immigration in case Triniti Immigration wants to defend/represent the matter before any bank/authority in their favour.
  10. Triniti Immigration's service fees have no reference to market prices and are in accordance with the company standards agreed by the Client. Any claims after registration, such as fees being too expensive and such, would not be entertained, and the Applicant would not have the right to challenge the same as described and conveyed through all information sources, and the Client has been informed before enrolment.
  11. The Applicant agrees that the immigration process requires showing sufficient funds, if applicable, that differ from nation to nation and the Applicant's process/category. the Applicant undertakes to meet the necessity as requested by the immigration / other Authority concerned, and failure to provide such funds by the Client shall not make Triniti Immigration responsible for any refund or part of the service charges. In such situations, no refund request for service fees will be entertained.
  12. The Client also accepts that all or any registration for any countries prior to the date of the Client Declaration Agreement with Triniti Immigration, if any, would be nullified and that no service fee or payment may be claimed unless Triniti Immigration has provided it in writing.
  13. No refund will be made in case the visa is refused on the following grounds.

    • If the Applicant failed to attend the scheduled visa interview.
    • If the Applicant failed to fulfill the requirements of the Embassy or the Consulate.
    • Failure of the medical examination or test from by the Client or his or her family members mentioned in the visa application.
    • Failure to provide a genuine Certificate of Police Clearance, which is no less than three months old.
    • Misrepresentation of documents.
    • A previous violation of any visa or immigration law by the Applicant or any of his or her family members included in the visa application.
    • Late submission of further documents by the consulate at a later stage of the application.
    • In order to meet the eligibility requirement and as recommended by the Triniti Immigration consultant, the Applicant fails to get the required score in Language tests.
    • There will be no refund if the Client abandons his/her case within three months from the date of registration.
    • Non-communication with your process specialist for a duration of three months or above shall also be considered to be abandonment.
  14. The application or processing charge paid to visa officials or any other agency is the responsibility of the Applicant and is not included in the service fees. In the circumstance of a refusal, Triniti Immigration shall not consider any demand for refund
  15. The Client must provide each and every paper, forms, and documents that will make it possible for Triniti Immigration to operate on its documentation and make it available to the correct evaluation/immigration authority. The negligence of the Customer to do the same will only imply that no reimbursement of the advisory/consulting fee given to Triniti Immigration is outstanding
  16. The Client must cooperate in every interview, as and when requested by the visa processing authority, at the specified location informed by the visa agency and at his/her own expense, and should follow each and every order given by the visa agency. The failure of the Client to do the same will only imply no refund whatsoever is outstanding of any secretarial fees given to Triniti Immigration.
  17. If the application is returned/denied/halted due to an error in the application fee or payment method, the Applicant agrees not to contest the withdrawal of the application on that ground; since the payment and payment method of the application fee are the sole responsibility of the Applicant.
  18. It is known that the preparation of an immigration application is never standardized, routine, and/or time-bound. There could be changes in requirements of the process; hence the concerned case officer can request additional documentation or may request further submission of such supporting documents to the concerned immigration officials. Any appeal for a refund on these grounds will not be accepted.
  19. If the immigration law changes at any time after you have signed this Agreement, i.e., at any time while the processing of your application and as a result of the change of law, if you have become disqualified from applying for the service you have registered for, and you have paid the full amount. Triniti Immigration will refund the Client a certain percentage of the service charge as specified in the Client Agreement. The refund shall be made within 30 working days after Triniti Immigration Refund Claim Form is sent to Triniti Immigration by the Customer. The Client should include a copy of his receipt for payment made to Triniti Immigration with the Refund Request form. Failure to provide this will also make the Client disqualified for the refund.
  20. In the case that you have signed up for Triniti Immigration services under the installment payment option or made part of the payment and the Immigration Act updates after you have signed this Agreement or at any point during the review of your application, and as a result of this change of law you are disqualified for the program you have signed up for. IIn this situation, the Client will be eligible to claim a refund of the first installment or any part payment made to Triniti Immigration.
  21. The Client should also accept and understand that there will be no repayment or redistribution of the fee made to Triniti Immigration to a friend or relative if he/she drops his / her application or decides to opt-out after signing up.
  22. The Customer should also understand and accept that no reimbursement or adjustment of the Triniti Immigration Payment will be made if he/she leaves the original service/process for which he/she has signed up for and decides to move to another service/process with Triniti Immigration or opts for immigration to another country or nation.
  23. The Client should provide all the documents and papers that are required, such as the Language translations, in an agreed manner as sought by Triniti Immigration and the concerned Visa Officer. It has has been completely agreed by the said immigration consultancy on the ground of facts and papers provided by the Client. In case the details provided by the Client are discovered to be misleading or fake or inadequate or incorrect, the concerned Immigration officials will not entertain the offer. In turn, the immigration consultant accepts no liability whatsoever for the negative impact of the petition outcome and the consequent refusal on that basis. No refund is claimed – either the consultation fee or the amount paid to government organizations in such circumstances.
  24. Triniti Immigration is entitled to terminate/withdraw its services without refunds of the service fee if the applicant (a) fails to submit all documents within the specified period of time from the date of the registration, normally within one month (b) attempts to malign the Company's name in any way that interferes with the operation of the business or its reputation c) fail to respond to email and calls made by a company for more than one month without informing the assigned process specialist (d) withdraw from processing for personal reasons (e) failure to provide a genuine Police Clearance Certificate when required (f) failure to provide proof of funds for settlement or maintenance by the Applicant or his / her family members included in the visa application form (h) previous breach by the Client or any member of his or her family in any immigration or visa law applied to in the application (i) late submission of any additional documentation required by the consulate at a later phase of the processing.
  25. The Client herewith promises to meet with all the requirements of the assigned authorities, who work on an evaluation or decide on the outcome of the visa. The Client also promises to provide all documentation including originals, as demanded by the concerned authorities if required. The Client accepts that any failure from the Client to send such documents or part of it is an independent failure of the Client, and Triniti Immigration is not accountable for the same. Therefore, the Client agrees that failure to produce documents can not necessitate a valid reason for claiming a refund.
  26. The Client will settle all charges depending on a variety of governmental and skills evaluation bodies and language testing institutions such as, but not limited to, skills assessment expenses, residency visa petition expenses, English / French testing expenses, medical testing expenses, etc. The charges given are strictly non-refundable and can not be adjusted by either any of the receiving offices or the immigration consultant, despite the final decision regarding the visa petition. A positive appraisal or conclusion is the sole prerogative of the concerned Authority, and the immigration consultant has no influence at all over the final decision at any point in the visa petition. Triniti Immigration has given no assurance whatsoever of a favorable evaluation or result of the Client's expected petition in any stage of the visa petition.
  27. The Client will notify Triniti Immigration of any news involving a change of residential/mailing address, academic/specialized credentials, change of marital status/service or company, newborn children or any police / unlawful case after the petition has been submitted and while the processing going on till the time the Permanent Residence Permit has been acquired. The inability of the Client to do the same will only show that no refund is outstanding of any advisory fees given to the immigration consultancy.
  28. The Client must appear for a language examination and obtain a minimum individual group score in each provided four evaluation factors – read, write, speak and listen – as reasonable to him/her and as required by the Visa Issuing Authority / Evaluation Body. The Client thoroughly understands and agrees that his petition can not be submitted – the required language score total – and that no reimbursement of the advisory / consulting / clerical services charge offered to Triniti Immigration will be outstanding or settled in a situation where he or she fails to achieve the sufficient English / French total.
  29. The Client shall also ensure that he or she is married or in any relationship that is appropriate to be considered as a dependent – the spouse or the acceptable dependent / s appears for a language test and provides a minimum score report as necessary on the basis of the accepted SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT with Triniti Immigration. The Client completely understands and agrees that his application can not be submitted excluding the marital partner's required English / French points; therefore, no compensation is claimed from the fees made to the advisory / consulting, in a scenario in which if the Client failed to obtain the marital partner's prescribed English / French score mentioned in the SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT or the Evaluation report. Together with the associated report, the said language test is mandatory for the wedded clients ' documentation, although the Client may not ask for points for his or her partner's qualifications.
  30. By signing or acknowledging the Agreement for the use of services from Triniti Immigration, the Client can not withdraw from the process due to their circumstances, which may have changed AT ANY POINT. It is unacceptable that any form of settlement should be considered or established. As a heavy-investment company, we can not satisfy requests for refunds until services have been given or any part of the process has begun.
  31. The secretarial charges paid to Triniti Immigration shall not include any amount owed to any governmental organizations, and to any language testing institutions or for any other reason, and shall be limited to the consultancy services and duties as duly established and agreed under the individually inked SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT with the Client.
  32. The Client certainly accepts that he has been informed of the normal waiting times / typical processing time, as necessary for his permit class and that such waiting times / normal processing time fluctuates depending on the convenience of the visa office or authority body processing. The Client also completely agrees and understands that, if the application processing periods extent, he or she will never have any claims whatsoever for any kind of refund of the charge made on or off-site.
  33. Triniti Immigration has not promised any kind of guarantee, recommendation, or promise on employment or job assurance to our clients. No reimbursement will be demanded from any advisory/consulting/janitorial service charges previously offered by the Client to Triniti Immigration on the basis that Triniti Immigration was unable to provide a job guarantee overseas.
  34. In a case where there is a clash/dispute over the payment made by the Client to Triniti Immigration to the SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT properly inked with Triniti Immigration. The liability of Triniti Immigration, in the circumstance, that it arises and is unpaid, either nominal or otherwise, shall not extend and shall be confined to the charges given to Triniti Immigration as Advisor / Consulting / Secretary Charges as part of the hereby inked SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT.
  35. There are some countries that have a cap system, and therefore the approval of Visa or Green Card or Permanent Residence is subject to the cap not achieved for that year. The Client can have the required points as required by the specified country's immigration authorities, but he/she may still not get the Visa / Green Card / Permanent Residence if that year's cap has been reached. Failure to acquire a Visa / Green Card / Permanent Residence due to the cap limit can not be a reason to claim a refund, and the Customer fully understands the same.
  36. If your request for a refund falls within the Company's acceptable terms and conditions in the service agreement, it will take 30 working days to process such a request. 40. The service amount has been mentioned for the full service as of the date of registration and contains only the individual's application. The presumption of additional services to families or children is at the discretion of the Client, and the Company shall not be held any responsibility for such claims.
  37. The Client shall loyally disclose before Triniti Immigration, every information concerning them, whether current or historical, cases of fraud and/or conviction and insolvency brought against the Client and those who rely on him. If he or she does not report this information, even if the same is noticed later, no compensation will be provided for all the money given to Triniti Immigration in dispute.
  38. Triniti Immigration is expected to protect a client's confidentiality and privacy. Triniti Immigration, therefore, takes legitimate steps to protect personal information from our clients from manipulation and loss and from unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure. Triniti Immigration might use and reveal personal information of the Client (and, where applicable, the Customer's family) for the main purpose for which it is gathered, for reasonably expected secondary reasons connected to the main purpose and, in other circumstances, as permitted by the Privacy Act. In general, Triniti Immigration may reveal the Customer's personal information for the following reasons:

    • To run our business
    • To furnish and sell our services
    • To interact with the Client
    • To fulfill our legal requirements
    • To support us to manage and enhance our services

Any payments paid to Triniti Immigration are for the provision of services posted on the website of Triniti Immigration. All payments shall be quoted in Indian Rupees unless otherwise specified. You are liable to pay all fees and applicable taxes relating to our services using one of our recognized ways of payment.

Triniti Immigration is not a part of any government authorities/organizations or embassies.

Triniti Immigration is a private limited company with no authority to grant you a visa of any kind. We can only help and advise people who would like to emigrate or travel to their country of choice. Please note that the ultimate decision on all applications for visas resides with the relevant departments in their respective countries.

Our client agreements are based on the foundation of trust, sincerity, and protection, and each option is clearly spelled out. Our terms of reference are transparent, and nothing is concealed. The Client accepts and recognizes that the Company does not recommend or compel any service/product/visa etc., and the proclamation of a specific service/product/visa, etc. is the individual decision of the Client and can not be presumed to be a judgment of the Company at any point. Triniti Immigration promotes all products and informs all clients of the possibilities without any external pressure to decide on this service/product/visa etc.

The Applicant has described in detail about all of the above provisions, agrees, and continues to comply with all the terms and conditions by signing/acknowledging this Agreement with Triniti Immigration.

Triniti Immigration, with registered office in Bangalore, Karnataka, is operated and controlled in India. The laws of the Indian Government and of the Karnataka State Government will govern the legitimacy, definition, and performance of this Agreement. The courts in Bangalore, Karnataka alone shall have jurisdiction to try any conflict between the Company and any individual that emerges from any matter affecting the Company.

Charge Back : The Client acknowledges that she/he understands that Triniti Immigration must assign its staff and use other infrastructures to provide services to the Client by paying considerable sums of money. Regardless of the result of the application, the Client hereby undertakes not to claim a refund of the fees and charges paid to Triniti Immigration, except to the extent provided in the Contract or Agreement.

The Client hereby accepts and acknowledges the service deliverables signed up for, and therefore will not pursue a chargeback (only applicable for Card Payments).

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