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Express Entry

Express Entry is an online system used by the Canadian Government to manage permanent residence applications from skilled workers. Express Entry was introduced on the 1st of January 2015 to facilitate immigration This system has been rated as one of the most effective with regards to processing time. More than 90% of applications have been processed in six months or less.

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The below mentioned federal economic immigration programs are categorized under Express Entry Selection System.

Provinces and territories can also recruit candidates from the Express Entry pool through the provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to meet local labor market needs.

Candidates who are eligible for one do the program managed by Express Entry can express their interest by creating an only profile. Subsequently, all the candidates will be placed in a pool and ranked according to a comprehensive ranking system. Candidates with the highest-ranking are invited by IRCC to apply for Permanent Residency. Invitation to Apply for permanent residency will be based on the score and the rank in the Express Entry pool.

Upon receiving an Invitation To Apply, candidates are supposed to complete the application within 60 days, which will be processed within the next six months by IRCC.

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